Sunday, November 6, 2011

lullabies and rainbows

i cuddled with you when i was little, helped me count my fingers and toes, heck even made pancakes and vineager syrup together. now, im giving you your medicine and that long needed leg rub... for you are ready to say goodnight. sweet dreams grandma, thanks for visiting.


dear god, turn me into a bird so i can fly, far far away.... flyawayangel..


FAll in love with as many things as and as many times as possible.

Prince Charming

you're a little late prince charming, did you get stuck in traffic?  i told you to get directions... men never ask for directions! can you please just rush through the gate? traffic, yes you're stuck in traffic.

later.... why did he leave?? he told me he was my prince charming........

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

first ever post,, ah!

Yes, I have given into the wonders of blogging. I ask myself this question... am i a cliche? My daughter answers for me, mommy, i went poopie.